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Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg have all said that change or growth happen from the bottom up.

But what does bottom-up mean and how do you do "bottom up" better and smarter?

Bottom-up is a way of life and a way of doing business. The Bottom-Up Revolution, picks up where Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point left off. It is a how-to book for businesses, leaders, organizations, activists, and individuals, cracking wide-open humankind's biggest trend in seven million years. By understanding the roots and implications of "bottom up" and "top down" you'll be better able to tap the incredible power of this trend, as the billionaire founders of Google, Facebook, Craigslist and Twitter, and political revolutionaries have done.

Why you need this book? Learn how:

" the new, hopeful paradigm shift that is well on the way to changing the world, and you can ride the wave and help make it happen.

" to unleash the bottom-up powers brimming within you.

" to apply bottom-up ideas to make your organization more successful

" to connect better and how connection and disconnection have changed

" to have more, better , deeper positive experiences

" consumer culture has hurt community

" how and why to have hero's journeys.

" the bottom-up revolution has changed relationships

" some of the most successful business pioneers have tapped the power of bottom-up.

" to tap new, revolutionary ways to manage and govern

" use bottom-up thinking and ways to more effectively use social media, and search

" to use bottom-up approaches to build more effective, smarter, successful websites

" build and access power--political, personal, community, organizational--that was not available in the top-down world, before the bottom-up revolution

" to run effective, successful crowdsourcing campaigns

" get yourself or your organization and Wikipedia page

" and why bottom-up is one of the most disruptive forces in the world

" to think about creating new products and business that tap into our bottom-up genetic evolutionary wiring

" bottom-up thinking is a core part of making activism work, of making your visions for change a reality.

" understanding bottom-up will change your life, world and relationships.

" story plays an essential role in changing yourself and the world

" What bottom-up success looks like

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